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Moving to Detroit


A lot of people seem to be apprehensive about moving to Detroit to say the least, but there are actually plenty of reasons to consider it. Despite what you might have heard, this city isn’t all about crime and poverty. We highly encourage you to read this article so you can find out all of the great things that Detroit can offer you and your family.

Cheap Houses Everywhere

If you happen to be looking to buy a new home for a very low price, you cannot do better than Detroit. The city itself as well as its surrounding suburbs has some of the least expensive homes in the U.S, and many of them are actually quite nice. You should have no problem being able to afford a nice two or even three bedroom home here.

The Music

The music scene in Detroit is incredible, especially if you are a fan of hip-hop, dance and electronic music. The annual electronic music festival that is held in Detroit’s Hart Plaza is an amazingly fun event that you won’t want to miss.

The Food

Moving to Detroit will afford you the opportunity to try all sorts of food, including some of the best-tasting soul food you’ve ever had. There are all sorts of different restaurants in this city, including plenty of Middle Eastern places that you won’t want to miss.

The Art

The Detroit Institute of Art is just one of the many great places that you can visit in this city if you love art. There are plenty of museums and art galleries as well, and we highly recommend that you check some of them out as soon as you get here.