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3Different Ways for Shipping a Car

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3Different Ways for Shipping a Car

Congratulations, here comes the long-awaited day to move. Almost everything is packed. You invited the movers to the designated date, and the excitement at its peak. But, what about your car – how will it get to the new house? When it comes to moving within the same city, or even within the same state – then there is no problem – just enter the car and drive. But, what happens when the move is oflong distance, and the journey can involve wasting time, sometimes even a few days … What to do then?In fact, you have several ways for shipping a car – each with its own drawbacks and advantages.
Here are 3 ways for shipping your car:

  1. Shipping a Car on a Train

    In the past, everything would pass by train: food and clothing, animals and people. Today, the situation has changed and most of the vehicles that are shipped by trains are for industrial purposes – like for companies that sell cars, and transfer a large quantity each time. Therefore, in many cases the transfer of cars on a train to private individuals is based on availability, and is not always possible. However, if are moving in the East Coast, AMTRACK hasshipping carsservices in the private sector. Herearesome advantages and disadvantages to take into account:

    • The vehicle will reach one of the big cities, and from there you will have to take the car yourself to your new home. However, there is no problem – because transferring cars by train requires someone to be with the vehicle, so you are already there anyway.
    • When you travel by train yourself – you save both fuel costs and time in traffic jams. Traveling by train is also very convenient, allowing you to use WIFI, and even sleep peacefully. You have the option of traveling in common carriages, or renting a private cabin, or a shared cabin with comfortable beds.
    • AMTRACK travel for children up to 12 years of age is 50% – which significantly reduces the travel of a family in any other way.
    • Not all types of vehicles can participate in this celebration.
    • The arrival of the vehicle is fast, according to the train time.


  1. Shipping a Car on a Truck

    The most common way to move cars from place to place in the US is by truck. Here are some things to know before deciding to ship the vehicle on a truck:

big powerful truck moves on highway

  • The average time of moving a vehicle can take up to two weeks. In the meantime, you’ll be able to get to know your new city through public transport.
  • There are two ways of shipping your car by truck: an open or closed truck. While the truck is closed, your vehicle is safer in terms of weather and other hazards, but a closed truck transport costs about 60% more than an open truck.
  • Please note that the luggage inside the vehicle should not exceed 500 pounds, which is the safety weight according to the standards.
  • Check the insurance offered by the transportation company. There are companies that offer minimal insurance and you can add to the insurance as you wish. Of course, you should check the vehicle before boarding the truck and when it goes down, and of course also sign a document regarding the condition of the vehicle before and after.
  1. Rent of a professional driver for transporting the vehicle

    Another way to move the car from place to place is by renting a driver, though this will cost more thanshipping a car by truck or train, there is no doubt that it has some notable advantages:

    • This is a faster way of transporting the vehicle, then by truck or train.
    • Most of the companies that provide this service allow you to fill your vehicle with stuff.
    • Some companies also allow pets to join the trip – which is a great solution for moving animals from one place to another – saving a lot of money by flying them.


In Conclusion

When you move an apartment there are many things to take care of. We at  Home Move 101 are here to help you in every question and inquiry. As well as reminding you not to forget about your vehicle, and make sure to arrange things ahead of time.